best snorkeling shoes and closed foot fins buying advice top 5 reviews for 2018

Best Snorkeling Shoes & Closed Foot Fins: Buying Advice & Top 5 Reviews for 2018

You have a few different options when it comes to snorkeling footwear. Before you dive in and buy the first snorkel gear of full snorkel set you see, you need to consider the fins. Fins are the most obvious choice or you can choose to wear a snorkeling shoe instead.

What are snorkeling shoes? Basically, they’re water shoes that have been streamlined and perfected for scuba diving. If you choose to go this route, it’s a good idea to choose a pair that will allow you to wear a pair of fins over the top of them. That way, you have to option to snorkel however you want.

As far as fins go, when it comes to snorkeling, less is usually more. But, like with a snorkel mask, they need to fit perfectly. Basic snorkel and scuba fins work great for surface swimming. These fins are usually shorter and have a pretty simple design. That said if you like to snorkel and scuba, getting a really great pair of fins can allow you to do both.

Closed foot fins don’t have a heel strap with an open back but rather a foot pocket that covers the heel completely. They have a more snug fit and usually don’t require the addition of neoprene diver’s socks. Because of that, they’re easier to travel with and getting them off and on is much faster.

If you’re looking for the best closed foot fins such as scuba diving fins or snorkel shoes, here are the top 5 products we recommend.

1. Seavenger Sneaker Dive Shoes

seavenger sneaker dive shoes

If you’re interested in a pair of snorkeling shoes to go with your other cool snorkeling gear, you have to check out these Sneaker Dive Shoes from Seavenger. They are great for a variety of watersports, including boogie boarding, kayaking, canoeing or exploring rocks and caves near the shore. Think water shoes and then imagine they were even more functional and stylish. That’s what these Seavenger Sneaker Dive Shoes are. They actually look like trendy sneakers and come in a few really cool prints, including bright neon colors and even a checkerboard pattern.

These dive shoes are made of a stretchy nylon and neoprene blend that conforms to the shape of your foot. They have a hard sole so your feet are protected when you’re walking along rocks, sand or in the water. They also have a great tread so you can do it all without sacrificing grip. Plus, the rubber toe and heel provide even more protection.

The thing that’s so cool about these is that you can put your open-heeled fins right over top of them if you want to. They’re really versatile and give you a lot of option. You can easily go from one watersport to another without even having to take them off.

2. Cressi Light Fin Short Blade Closed Foot Fins

cressi light fin short blade closed foot fins

The Cressi Light Fin Short Blade Closed Foot Fins are designed for training and helping to build up muscles. Using these fins will help make your legs stronger and more flexible and help you finetune your technique.

The foot pocket is made of soft rubber that’s flexible but very strong. These fins have a short blade that’s made of highly reactive, lightweight material. This design helps you kick more effectively and have more agility without tiring out your legs. In fact, Cressi has studied and refined the length of the blade to help it use energy as effectively as possible.

Short fins are perfect for snorkeling so if you want a pair that will give you the best snorkeling experience, these are a great option.

3. Kiefer Thrust Swim Fins

kiefer thrust swim fins

For a great pair of long fins, take a look at the Keifer Thrust Swim Fins. These are closed foot fins that actually have a foot pocket with a closed ankle for extra support. They’re easy to get off and on but stay in place when you’re in the water. And get this: because they’re made of 100% top quality leather, they float!

There are long fins and are have a lot of thrust. If you’re looking for a pair of fins that you can use for both snorkeling and deeper diving, these fins are a great choice. They allow you to move around quickly without sacrificing control.

4. Cressi Reaction Pro Fins

cressi reaction pro fins

Another great option from Cressi is their Reaction Pro Fins. This is one of their most advanced designs and is molded using three different materials. The full foot cup is computer designed and made of a thermo-rubber elastomer that’s comfortable and supportive at the same time.

The fin is comprised of polypropylene and a silicone-based material that work together to create a channeling effect. This makes sure the energy from your legs and foot is transmitted through the fin as effectively as possible during both the upward and downward movement of each kick. The fin actually has a surface area that’s 20% larger than other fins. You can move fast with these fins while still maintaining control.

The Reaction is another great choice if you’re looking for a closed foot fin that will serve you well in snorkeling or deeper diving.

5. Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins

wildhorn topside snorkel fins

Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins are sort of a combination between a standard fin and a snorkeling shoe. They actually have a neoprene stretch-fit sock built right in that provides both a closed toe and heel. Plus, each fin has a Velcro strap around the ankle so you can make further adjustments if you need to. These fins are exceptionally easy to wear and make it easier to walk around on land. Each fin actually has a strong rubber sole, too, so you can comfortably walk on rocks or sand, too.

So, yes, you can use these fins almost like shoes. But they’re also awesome in the water. The fins are on the short side and perfect for zipping around near the surface of the water while snorkeling. These fins are truly a perfect combination of everything we recommend for snorkeling shoes and closed foot fins. They’re put together really well, too. The sock and the rest of the fin are actually heat fused rather than glued. Plus, they come with a 2-year warranty.

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